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New cheap and easy Rubbing method for obtaining graphene and 2D materials

Dear All,

Recently a non-conventional cheap and easy Substartes Rubbing Method for obtaining graphene and 2D materials has been suggested of which  I am co-authort. If anybody is interested, please, contact me:

Single-step rubbing method for mass production of large-size and defect-free 2D materials

Gagik Sh Shmavonyan1,…


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2 R&D positions in microfluidics based point of care diagnostics startup (Pune, India)

1. Co-Founder/Head of Engineering

We are looking for a Co-founder (Head/VP of Engineering) to be responsible for establishing a company’s technical vision and leading all aspects of technology development, according to its strategic direction and growth…


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BioNanoNet Newsletter 03/2017 available for download now!

Dear ladies and gentlemen!


We would like to inform you that the BioNanoNet-Newsletter 03/2017 is available for download…


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Bioactive carbon dots lights up microtubules and destabilises cell cytoskeletal framework - a robust imaging agent with therapeutic activity

Research article titled "Bioactive carbon dots lights up microtubules and destabilises cell cytoskeletal framework - a robust imaging agent with therapeutic activity" is available in the following link! which will provide free access to this article for 40 days only.…


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NANOTECHNOLOGY IN FUEL CELLS…/single-walled-carbon-nanotubes/

Recent nanotechnology research has produced a number of promising …


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Aluminium Yttrium Garnet

Aluminium Yttrium Garnet: Scientists have been showing increasing interest in the field of nanoparticles research mainly due to the interesting and unexpected outcomes that are possible by altering the atomic and molecular properties of elements. Nanotechnology provides novel and unique solutions in the field of biotechnology, optics, electronics, cosmetics etc.…

Aluminium Yttrium Garnet

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Nano Hydro Fabric Coating

Nano-textiles are an emerging and interesting application of nanotechnology. It involves dealing with nano fibers at the atomic and molecular levels in order to tweak their properties. This novel technology can give rise to incredible clothing such as water-resistant and dirt-free clothes, odor-less socks, and intelligent clothes that can perform climate…


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ITO Coating

ITO Coating: 

 (Indium tin oxide coated glass) belongs to the group of TCO (transparent conducting oxide) conductive glasses. 

An ITO glass has a property of low sheet resistance and high transmittance. It is mostly used in research and…


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A quantum dot gets its name because it’s a tiny speck of matter so small that it’s effectively concentrated into a single point (in other words, it’s zero-dimensional). As a result, the particles inside it that carry electricity (electrons and holes, which are places that are missing electrons) are trapped (“constrained”) and have well-defined energy levels according to the laws of quantum…


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ULTRA CAPACITORS FROM NANOTECHNOLOGY…/single-walled-carbon-nanotubes/

Nanotechnology is being used or considered for use in many applications targeted to provide #cleaner, more…


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Ph.D. Positions in Nanotechnology

Young, dynamic and interested candidates willing to take up interdisciplinary research and pursue Ph.D. through CSIR-JRF/DST Inspire fellowship under my supervision in the area of "Nano-biotechnology / Materials Chemistry / Nanosensors" at CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organisation, Chandigarh are welcome to apply. Kindly go through the link and contact me at with your detailed CV at

Dr. Abhay Sachdev,

Scientist, CSIR-CSIO…


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Invitation to Contribute a Chapter with 'Pan Standford publishing' edited by Kaushik Pal

Dear (Dr.)Sir/Madam,

Invitation to Contribute a Chapter

I have been invited by Pan Stanford Publishing to edit a book volume entitled Hybrid Nanocomposite: Fundamental, Synthesis and Applications be published…


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National Post Doctoral Fellowship opportunities

Any potential candidates interested to do post doc (N-PDF) through DST-SERB under my mentorship in the area of "Nano-biotechnology / Marine biology / Aquaculture / Biotechnology/ Genomics & Proteomics" at Centre for Ocean Research (DST-FIST Sponsored Centre), Sathyabama University, Chennai. Kindly go through the link and contact me.…


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ZnO and ZnO@Fe2O3 nanoparticles coated with inulin enhance their permeability into cells

In a recently published work ("Facilitation of trace metal uptake in cells by inulin coating of metallic nanoparticles", by Esmeralda Santillán-UrquizaFernando Arteaga-CardonaCristina Torres-DuarteBryan ColeBing…


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Special Call Women Scientist for M.Tech., PhD & Postdoctoral in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology

The Group Leader is hiring experienced and strong research background motivated candidates to welcome at the Center for Nanotechnology & Multidisciplinary Research Excellence (CNMRE) at Chennai R & D Institution. The advertised training program based on M.Sc./M.Tech./M.Phill/Integrated M.Tech./Integrated PhD and Postdoctoral in the topic of…


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Postdoc Position - ODMR

We are looking for an experienced and ambitious researcher with a background in optically detected

magnetic resonance (ODMR) techniques to study solid state qubits in Adam Gali’s group at Wigner

Research Centre for Physics which is the leading physics institute in Hungary. This is a Postdoc job that

can be turned to tenure track position for qualified researchers.

Solid state quantum bits realized by atomic-like defects in wide band gap materials are very promising…


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SemiConducting Single Walled Carbon Supplier

Ad-Nano Technologies Pvt. ltd launch SemiConducting Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes at a most competitive price..

We assure to provide you best quality products.…


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Junior Research Fellow (JRF)

Applications are invited for the post of Junior Research Fellow for the project entitled “Synthesis of separable catalysts for water soluble coloring-pollutants degradation for water purification" sanctioned via letter no 11(39)/17/010/2017SG in Discipline of Chemistry, Centre for Nano and Material Sciences (CNMS), Jain University Bangalore, Karnataka.



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