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 The 1st EmergeMAT Conference, organized with support from H2020 GA 692216 SUPERMAT, aims to bring together scientists, engineers, industry representatives and other stakeholders interested in developing new methods, concepts and materials using new and emerging technologies, such as: additive manufacturing, high pressure and high temperature processes, and valorisation of new resources. Period: 14-16 Novmeber 2018 BucharestSections:Additive manufacturing of metallic and composite…See More
Sep 28, 2018

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I am...
My research field or area of interest innanotechnology
Chemical synthesis of nanomaterials; hydrothermal/solvothermal synhtesis; metal/ceramic composites; thermodynamic prediction, thermal properties
Interest in...
nanomaterials for energy; interfacial phenomena in nanomaterials and thin films; technology transfer
Publication list
Books & Monographs

1. Marioara Abrudeanu, Robert Piticescu, Roxana Piticescu, Sinteza chimica a pulberilor ceramice ultradisperse, Ed. Tehnica, Bucuresti, 2000 (cu sprijin finianciar În cadrul unui proiect TEMPUS)
2. From Nanopowders to Functional Nanomaterials, Proc. Sympsoium G, E-MRS Fall Meeting, 6-10 Sept. 2004, Warsaw, R.R. Piticescu, W. Lojkowski and J. Blizzard (editors), TransRech Publications Ltd., Switzerland, Germany, UK, USA

Patents and standards

1. T.Segărceanu, R.R. Piticescu, C.Bogdănescu, P.Moţoiu, Romanian Patent 105944 C1, int. Cl. C01 G 39/02, “Synthesis process for direct conversion of Mo from sodium molibdate solutions to ammonium molibdate solutions”
2 .T.Segărceanu, R.R.Piticescu, C.M.Vlădulescu, Romanian Patent 110696 C1 int. cl. C01 G 23/00, “Method for obtaining of aluminium titanate using as precursors soluble derivates of peroxititanic acid”
3.T.Segărceanu, R.R.Piticescu, C.M.Vlădulescu, Romanian Patent 9115045B1, int. cl. C01G21/02, “Method for obtaining lead zirconate, lead titanate and lead zirconate titanate”
4. C.M.Vlădulescu, E.Manea, T.Segărceanu, R.R.Piticescu, E.Amza, Romanian Patent 148731/ 13.11.1991”Method for obtaining barium titanate starting from soluble derivates of peroxititanic acid ”
5."Ceramic powders for thermal coatings ", Rom. Standard Proposal12390/2-1989

Papers printed in Journals and Proceedings

Publications in ISI journals
1. T.Segărceanu, R.R.Piticescu, P.Nicolau, M.Popescu, "Preparation of PZT ceramics from a peroxide precursor", în Int.Ceram Monographs , vol.1,no.1,337-41, ed.C.C.Sorrell, A.J.Ruys, Australian Ceramic Soc. (1994)
2. RM Piticescu, RR Piticescu, M. Rosso, E. Verne, M. Ferraris, A. Manea, “Synthesis and sintering behaviour of some NiCrB/Al2O3-ZrO2 composites”, Proc. Euro Powder Met. Conf., Advances in Hard Materials Production, Torino, nov.8-10, 1999, pp. 83-8 (1999)
3. R.R. Piticescu, D. Taloi, Claude Monty, C. Bogdanescu, Hydrothermal Synthesis of nanostructured Materials”, Proc. Electrocermics VII Conference, Portoroz, Slovenia, 3-6 September 2000, abstract book pp.232, published in J. Eur. Ceramic Soc. Vol 21, no.10-11, pp.2057-60
4. Roxana M. Piticescu, R. R. Piticescu, D.Taloi, V. Badilita ”Hydrothermal synthesis of ceramic nanomaterials for functional applications”, Nanotechnology vol. 14, no. 3,, pp. 312-17, February 2003
5. L.Cristea, R.R. Piticescu, B. Popesscu, M. Teleanu, „Hydrothermal Synthesis of zirconia nano-powders and films”, Metalurgija 42(2), pp. 99-102 (2003)
6. C. Monty, F. Sibieude, R.R. Piticescu, A. Motoc, B. Malic, M. Kosec, G. Petot-Ervas, “Preparation and ionic transport properties of yttria-doped zirconia nanomaterials”, J. Eur. Ceram. Soc. Vol.24, pp.1941-1944 (2004)
7. R.R. Piticescu, M. Hrovath, D. Belavic, A. Ionascu, B. Malic, A. Motoc and C. Monty, “Zirconia pressure sensors: from nanopowders to device”, Functional Nanomaterials for Optoelectronics and other Applications, ISBN 3-908451-01-9, (2004), pp. 89-98
8. R.R. Piticescu, C. Monty and D. Millers, Hydrothermal synthesis of nanostructured zirconia materials: state of the art and future prospects, published in Sensor and Actuators B, vol 109, No. 1, pp102-106 (2005)
9. R.R. Piticescu, W. Lojkowski, J.R. Blizzard, C. Monty, From Nanopowders to Functional Materials, Solid State Phenomena 2005
10. R.R. Piticescu, M. Hrovath, D. Belavic, A. Ionascu, Bmalic, A. Motoc, C. Monty, „Zirconia pressure sensors: from nanopowders to device” Solid State Phenomena 2005
11. R. M. Piticescu, P. Vilarinho, M. L. Popescu, R. R. Piticescu, „Outlook on the hydrothermal synthesis of perovskite based materials for microelectronic applications”, J. Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, vol. 2 (2006)
12. R.R. Piticescu, C. Monty and D. Millers, “Synthesis of Al-doped ZnO nanomaterials with controlled luminescence”, J. Eur.Ceram.Soc., 26, pp. 2979-2983 (2006)
13. Roxana M.Piticescu, Paula Vilarinho, Madalina L. Popescu, R.R.Piticescu, „Perovskite nanostructures obtained by hydrotherma electrochemical process”, J. Eur.Ceram.Soc., 26, pp. 2945-2949 (2006)
14. J. Fidelus, W. Lojkowski, D. Millers, L. Grigorjeva, K. Smits, Radu R. Piticescu, „Zirconia Based Nanomaterials for Oxygen Sensors-Generation, Characterisation and Optical Properties”, Solid State Phenomena, vol.128, pp. 141-150 (2007)
15. T. Strachowski, E. Grzanka, W. Lojkowski, A. Presz, M. Godlewski, S. Yatsunenko, H. Matysiak, R. R. Piticescu, C. J. Monty, “Morphology and luminescence properties of zinc oxide nanopowders doped with aluminum ions obtained by hydrothermal and vapor condensation methods”, J. Appl. Phys. 102, 073513 (2007)
16. J. Fidelusz, R.R.Piticescu, R.M.Piticescu, W. Lojkowski, „Solvothermal synhtesis of Co-doped ZnO Nano-powders”, Zeitscrift fut Naturforschrung B-Chemical Sciences, vol. 63 (6), pp. 725-729 (2008)

Publications in National and International Journals
17. T. Segărceanu, D.Taloi, R.R. Piticescu, " Optimisation of the synthesis conditions of Zirconium basic sulphate”, Bull. Of the University Politehnica Bucharest, series Chemistry&Metallurgy, tom LII, no.2, pp. 81-90, 1990
18. C.M.Vlădulescu, T.Segărceanu, R.R.Piticescu,E. Pincovschi, "Obtaining of ultradisperse ceramic powdrs by conventional hydrolitical processes" Bul.Inf.Doc.IMNR, 2, 138 (1992)
19. A.Meghea, Roxana Piticescu, R.R.Piticescu, M.Giurginca,"Mechanism of formation of lead zirconate and lead titanate ", Proc. National Conf. On Chem. And Chem. Eng., 29-30 oct.1993, University Politehnica Bucharest
20. T.Segărceanu, R.R.Piticescu, P.Nicolau, M.Popescu, "Crystalochemistry of lead titanate and lead zirconate synthesis from soluble peroxide precursors", Rev.Materiale de Construcţii, vol.XXV, no.1, 60-4 (1995)
21. R.R.Piticescu, T.Segărceanu, T.Velea,"Synthesis of ultradisperse ceramic powders. Principles and applications", în 3rd Turk.Ceram.Congress, Proc.Books, vol.2, 40-7 (1996)
22. P.Moţoiu, R.R.Piticescu, A.Andrei, I.Truşcă, "Obtaining of ZrO2 based ceramic composite powders for thermal protection", Conf.Int. CONSILOX VII, vol.1, 158-64, Constanţa (1996)
23. Roxana Mioara Piticescu, R.R.Piticescu, A.Andrei, C.Bunescu, "Microstructural characterisation of ZrO2 powders obtained in a sol-gel process" Proc.Int.Conf.Powder Met., 567-72, Cluj (1996)
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26. T.Segarceanu, R.R.Piticescu, “Hydrochemical Synthesis of ultradisperse Ceramic Powders”, Int. J.Mater. Sci. Quaterly, vol.4, pp.1-11(1997)
27. R.R.Piticescu, T.Segărceanu, International Conference "Novel Processes and Materials in Powder Metallurgy", 25-27 noiembrie 1997, Kiev, Ucraina
28. Roxana Mioara Piticescu, R.R.Piticescu, M.Preda, V. Burghelea, M.Popescu, V.Husar, "Synthesis and characterisation of piezoelectric ceramics in the system PbO-TiO2-ZrO2-SnO2-La2O3", II-nd Nat. Conf. on New Materials, Romanian Academy, 24-26 nov. 1997, Bucharest
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31. P.Motoiu, C.Bogdanescu, R.R.Piticescu, Al. Voicu, F.Sticiu, P. Chesea, “Research on the synthesis of the ceramic powders in the system Al2O3-ZrO2 for thermal spraying”, Int. Conf. On Mat. Sci. and Eng. BRAMAT 99, vol.4, pp. 49-54, Brasov, Romania, 3-5 Feb.1999, ed. Univ. Transilvania, ISBN-973-98797-0-5
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34. R.R.Piticescu, T.Segărceanu, "Synthesis of nanocrystalline ZrO2 powders via hydrothermal processes", Int. J. Mater. Technol., No. 3/5, (2000)
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processes for the synthesis of oxide ceramic powders”, 3rd Nat. Symp. On Ceramic Powders, 31 May 2002, Bucharest
C. Georgescu, F.Sibieude, C. Monty, RR Piticescu, A. Motoc, M. Kosec, B. Malic, A. Daskobler, A, Cheikh, A. Madani, M. Touati, H. Boussetta, “ Zirconia based nanomaterials: Preparation, characterisation and transport properties”, Materiaux 2002, 21-25 October 2002, Tours, France
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47. R.R. Piticescu, C. Monty and L.Grigorjeva, Hydrothermal synthesis of nanostructured zirconia materials: state of the art and future prospects, oral presentation in E-MRS Fall Meeting, 06-10 Sept. 2004, Warsaw, Symposium A
48. R.M. Piticescu, R.R. Piticescu, Hydrothermal synthesis of nanomaterials: bringing materials closer to life, invited lecture in E-MRS Fall Meeting, 06-10 Sept. 2004, Warsaw, Symposium G-Functionalisation of nanoparticles
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50. Plăiaşu A.G., Abrudeanu M.,.Piticescu R.R, Synthesis of Al-doped ZnO nanomaterials, The 9th International Congress on Automotive, Automotive and Environment, Book of Abstracts , pag 120, Piteşti, 2-4nov. 2005
51. Adriana Gabriela PLĂIAŞU, prof.Marioara ABRUDEANU, Cătălin DUCU,R.R. Piticescu CERCETĂRI PRIVIND OBŢINEREA DE OXID DE ZINC PRIN HIDROLIZĂ ŞI SINTEZĂ HIDROTERMALĂ, Buletin Ştiinţific, Seria Inginerie Managerială şi Tehnologică, Piteşti 2005
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54. A.Popa , D.Toloman, O.Raita, A.Ene, A.Baldansuren, Al.Darabont, R.R.Piticescu, R.M. Piticescu, L.M.Giurgiu and E.Roduner, „Magnetic Resonance Investigation of Co2+ ions in nanoparticles of ZnO”, Procc. 3nd Advanced Spectroscopies on Biomedical and Nanostructured Systems, p.129, Cluj Napoca, Romania, (2008)
55. R.R. Piticescu, Roxana M. Piticescu, C. Rusti, M. Petriceanu, P. Stanciu, P. Berechet, Innovative synthesis Methods for obtaining ZnO based nanomaterials for antiseptic textiles, Tex.Tech II International Conference, Bucharest, 07-08 May 2009, Proc. ISBN 978-1716-46-6

Lectures in the field of technology Transfer
1. Radu Robert Piticescu, "Development and technology transfer of nanostructured materials obtained by chemical methods at INCDMNR-Nanostructured Materials Group", 2005, workshop “Nanotechnologis: opportunities for Easern euroepan Countries”, Romanian Chamber of trade and Industry, April 12, 2005
2. R.R.Piticescu, “The Offer of Technology Transfer in Advanced Materials”, workshop “The Access of SMEs to New Technologies”, 07 December 2005
3. R. M. Piticescu, Radu Robert Piticescu, Viorel Badilita, ”Chemical processes applied in the synthesis of nanostructured materials with controlled properties”, workshop Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies, Romanian Academy, 18 01. 2006
4. R.R.Piticescu, “Technological Transfer in the field of Nanomaterials: what we can do in Romania?, Workshop for Launching FP7 in Romania, Romanian Academy, 11 Jan. 2007
5. R.R.Piticescu. “Technology Transfer in Advanced Materials: Opportunity for Romania”, German-Romanian Workshop, Romanian Chamber for Trade and Industry, Bucharst, 21-22 May 2007
6. R.R. Piticescu, “Analiza SWOT – materiale avansate”, Conferinta Rolul noilor materiale si procese tehnologice in asigurarea competitivitatii Romaniei in economia bazata pe cunoastere, Camera de Comert si Industrie a Romaniei, 11 octombrie 2007
Researchgroup, Institute, University, School, Company name
Nanomaterials Laboratory, National Institute for Nonferrous and Rare Metals
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