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1. Effect of Costus igneus stem extract on calcium oxalate urolithiasis in albino rats.
K. Manjula, K. Rajendran, T. Eevera, S. Kumaran. Urological Research-on line. [PDF]
DOI: 10.1007/s00240-012-0462-6.
Journal Impact factor: 1.172 (in 2010)

2. In vitro Evaluation of calcium Oxalate Monohydrate crystals influenced by Costus igneus
aqueous extract, K. Manjula, K. Rajendran, T. Eevera, S. Kumaran. (Scandinavian Journal of
Urology and Nephrology-in press).
Journal impact factor 0.885 (in 2009)

3. Conventional and recent nanotechniques for DNA Methylation Profiling.
Nazeema Banu Basheer,* Shanmuganathan Rajasree,* Amirthalingam Laxmi,* Muthukumar
Harshiny, Rajendran Kaliaperumal, Kumaran Shanmugam (Submitted to The Journal of
Molecular Diagnostics # JMD11-0159 revision 3 is in progress).
Journal Impact factor 4.219 (in 2010)

4. Algorithm to measure AFM force distance curves. Vijayasarathy Marimuthu, Nazeema
Banu Basheer, Muthukumar Harshiny, Rajendran Kaliaperumal and Kumaran Shanmugam
(In preparation).

5. Lipoarabinomannan cleavage of Mycobacterium smegmatis using Ethambutol.
Kanivalan Kasinathan, Sankar Ganesh Pitchai Pillai, Rajendran Kaliyapermumal, Kumar Durai,
Kumaran Shanmugam (In preparation).

6. Quantitative estimation of Lupeol and Stigmasterol in Costus igneus by high performance
thin layer chromatography. K. Manjula, K. Pazhanichamy, S. Kumaran, T. Eevera,
C. Dale Keefe and K. Rajendran. (Journal of Liquid Chromatography & Related
Technologies-In press).
Journal Impact Factor: 0.953 (in 2010)

7. Growth Charactrization of calcium oxalate monohydrate crystals influenced by
Costus igneus aqueous stem extract. K. Manjula, K. Pazhanichamy, S. Kumaran, T. Eevera,C. Dale Keefe and K. Rajendran. (International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences-in press).
Journal Impact factor: 0.38 (in 2010)

8. Ipomea carnea based silver nanoparticle synthesis for antibacterial activity against selected human pathogens. S.C.G.Kiruba Daniel, Nazeema Banu Basheer, M.Harshiny, K. Nehru,Muthuswamy Sivakumar and Kumaran Shanmugam. (Journal of Experimental Nanoscience-in press).

Journal Impact factor: 0.955 (in 2010)
9. Device for fabrication of oxide dots on silicon using anodic oxidation technique with Copper wire.
K.Sathiyaraj, K.Kanivalan, P. Venkatesan, K. Rajendran, S.Kumaran. Microsystem Technologies,
Volume 17, Number 9, 1459-1462, 2011. [PDF]
Journal Impact Factor: 1.069 (in 2010)

10. Intermolecular force measurement between monoamine oxidase B and Pseudarthria
viscida (L.) using atomic force spectroscopy. Sangami Bharathi Manoharan, Vijayasarathy
Marimuthu, Pazhanichamy Kalailingam, Nazeema Banu Basheer, Anandagopu Perumal,
Rajendran Kaliaperumal and Kumaran Shanmugam, (Journal of Experimental
Nanoscience-in press).
Journal Impact factor: 0.955 (in 2010)

11. A review on techniques to fabricate silicon oxide arrays to develop biochip. K.Sathiyaraj, M.
Harshiny, B. Nazeema Banu K. Rajendran, S.Kumaran, Superlattices and Microstrucutres,
Volume 49, Issue 6, June 2011, Pages 581-590. [PDF]
Journal Impact factor: 1.091 (in 2010)

12. Positive Patterning of Ferritin, and Fibronectin Molecules on Silicon by Atomic Force Microscopy Anodic Oxidation. Kumaran Shanmugam, Tatsuo Yoshinobu, Wonchul Moon,
Hiroshi Iwasaki, Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Vol. 11, 3808-3813,
2011. [PDF]
Journal Impact factor: 1.351 (in 2010)

13. The Efficacy of Costus igneus rhizome on Carbohydrate metabolic, hepatoproductive and
antioxidative enzyme in streptozotocin (STZ) induced diabetic rats. Pazhanichamy Kalailingama,
Aiswarya Devi Sekara, Jeba Samuel Clement Samuela, Priya Gandhirajana, Yogha Govindarajua
Kumaran Shanmugam and Eevera Tamilmani, Journal of Health Science, 57 (1) 37-46, 2011.
Journal Impact factor: 0.742 (in 2010)

14. Micropatterning of Si Surface with Protein Molecules by the AFM Anodic Oxidation
Method. Jun Suzuki, Tatsuo Yoshinobu, Wonchul Moon, Kumaran Shanmugam and Hiroshi
Iwasaki, Electrochemistry, 74, 131-134, 2006. [PDF]
Journal Impact factor: 0.574 (in 2006)

15. Voltammetric determination of Phenylglyoxylic Acid in Urine using Graphite Composite Electrode. Thomas Navratil, Zdenka Senholdova, Kumaran Shanmugam, and Jiri Barek,
Electroanalysis, 18, 2, 201-206, 2006. [PDF]
Journal Impact factor: 2.444 (in 2006)

16. Polarographic and voltammetric determination of trace amounts of 1, 3-dinitronaphthalene.
Kumaran Shanmugam, Jiri Barek and Jiri Zima, Chem. Anal. (Warsaw), 49, 765-776, 2004.
Journal Impact factor: 0.622 (in 2004)

17. Polarographic and voltammetric determination of submicromolar concentrations of genotoxic 1,5 –dinitronaphthalene. Kumaran Shanmugam, Jiri Barek and Jiri Zima, Czechoslovak
Chemical Communication, 69, 2021-2035, 2004. [PDF]
Journal Impact factor: 1.068 (in 2004)

18. 2,4-Toluene Diamines – Their Carcinogenicity, Biodegradation, and Analytical Techniques and
an Approach towards Development of Biosensors -A General Review. Kumaran Shanmugam,Sreenath Subrahmanyam, Subramanian V. Tarakad, Narendran Kodandapani, and
D’Souza F. Stanly, Analytical Sciences, 17, 1369-1374, 2001. [PDF]
Impact Factor: 0.916 (in 2001)

19. Amperometric Biochemical Characterization of Isolated Fungal Strains. Sreenath
Subrahmanyam, Kumaran Shanmugam, Subramanian V. Tarakad, Narendran Kodandapani, and
D’Souza F. Stanly, Electroanalysis, 13, 1454-1458, 2001. [PDF]
Journal Impact factor: 1.515 (in 2001)

20. Development of sensor for acetic acid based on Fusarium solani. Sreenath Subrahmanyam,
Narendran Kodandapani, J.N. Ahamarshan, Balu Ranganathan, Kumaran Shanmugam,
D. Jeyakumar, and T.V. Subramanian, Electroanalysis, 13, 1275-1278, 2001. [PDF]
Impact factor: 1.515 (in 2000)

21. Cyclic Voltammetric measurements of growth of Apergillus terreus. Sreenath Subrahmanyam,
Narendran Kodandapani, Kumaran Shanmugam, Karunakaran Moovarkumuthalvan,
D. Jeyakumar, and T.V. Subramanian, Analytical Sciences, 17, 481-484, 2001. [PDF]
Journal Impact factor: 0.916 (in 2001)

22. Development of electrochemical microbial biosensor for ethanol based on Aspergillus niger.
Sreenath Subrahmanyam, Kumaran Shanmugam, V. Murali Madhav, M.Murugesan,
T.V.Subramanian and D. Jeyakumar, Electroanalysis, 13, 944-948, 2001. [PDF]
Journal Impact factor: 0.916 (in 2001)

23. Voltameteric Studies of Aspergillus niger – Assessment of their growth using electro active
extra cellular production of metabolite. Sreenath Subrahmanyam, Kumaran Shanmugam,
T.V. Subramanian, V. Murali Madhav, M. Murugesan, and D. Jeyakumar, Electroanalysis,
13, 1051-1053, 2001.[PDF]
Journal Impact factor: 0.916 (in 2001)

24. Assessment of growth of Fusarium solani by Cyclic Voltammetry and their bioanalytical
Applications. Sreenath Subrahmanyam, Kumaran Shanmugam, V.Murali Madhav,
M. Murugesan, T.V. Subramanian and D. Jeyakumar, Analyst, 125, 12, 2166-2168, 2000.

Journal Impact factor: 1.734 (in 2000)
25. Rapid biochemical characterization of polyurethane degrading fungi using amperometricBiosensor technique. S.Sreenath, S. Kumaran, T.V. Subramanian, M. Murugesan, V. Murali Madhav and D.Jeyakumar, Bulletin of electrochemistry, Society for Advancement of
Electrochemical Science and Technology, 15, 11, 452-457, 1999. [PDF]
Scopus cited

26. Waste Reduction, Nutrient Recovery from Solid Sludge Waste Materials by
Vermicomposting. Sasikala Kannan, Kaliaperumal Rajendran, Eevera Tamilmani, Senthamari
Selvi Venugopalan, Kumaran Shanmugam pp 97-99, 2009. Karmegam N (Ed) Vermitechnology I.
Dynamic Soil, Dynamic Plant 3 (Special Issue 2).
Non-impacted journal

27. Studies on treated effluent characteristics of a few tanneries at chrompet. E.M. Raj, D.P.
Sankaran, S. Sreenath, S. Kumaran (Kumaran Shanmugam) and N. Mohan. Indian Journal of
Environmental Protection, 16, 4, 252-254, 1996.
Non-impacted journal

28. Chloro Fluoro Carbon the Green House Gas and the Future Prediction. S. Kumara (Kumaran
Shanmugam, S. Sreenath, T. V. Subramanian, Indian Journal of Environmental Protection, 16,9, 641-644, 1995.

29. Preliminary study of aerosol chemistry in the ambient atmosphere of a cement Plant at
Ariyalur. G. Edwin Chandrasekaran, C. Ravichandran and S. Kumaran. (Kumaran Shanmugam),Journal of Ecotoxicology and Environment Monitoring 5, 3, 203-206, 1995.
Non-impacted journal
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Nanobiotechnology Lab, Department of Biotechnology, Periyar Maniammai University, India
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Conventional and Nanotechniques for DNA Methylation Profiling

Posted on January 15, 2013 at 7:31am 0 Comments

DNA methylation is critical for gene silencing and is associated with the incidence of many diseases,

including cancer. Underlying molecular mechanisms of human diseases and tissue-specific gene

expression have been elucidated based on DNA methylation studies. This…


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