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Dr. ROCKTOTPAL KONWARH is now a member of The International NanoScience Community
Aug 31, 2018

Profile Information

I am...
Chemist, Biologist, Teacher, Project coordinator
My research field or area of interest innanotechnology
Nanobiotechnology; Green Nanotechnology
Interest in...
Nanobiotechnology, electrospinning, nanomedicine, silk, cellulose, biomaterials, tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, biomolecule immobilization, nanomaterials, silver nanoparticles, iron oxide nanoparticles, nanofibers, green nanotechnology, polymer nanocomposite, biopolymers
Publication list
Publications pertaining to Ph.D. thesis
1. Konwarh, R., Shail, M., Medhi, T., Mandal, M., & Karak, N. Sonication assisted assemblage of exotic polymer supported
nanostructured bio-hybrid system and prospective application. Ultrason. Sonochem, 21, 634--642, 2014 (IF: 6.012)
2. Konwarh, R., Karak, N., & Misra, M. Electrospun cellulose acetate nanofibers: the present status and gamut of biotechnological
applications. Biotechnol. Adv. 31, 421--437, 2013 (IF: 11.452)
3. Konwarh, R., Misra, M., Mohanty, A.K., & Karak, N. Size-tuning of electrospun cellulose acetate fibers under optimized process
parameters: a Box-Behnken design (BBD) study. Carbohyd. Polym. 92, 1100--1106, 2013. (IF: 5.158)
Konwarh, R., Pramanik, S., Devi, K. S. P., Saikia, N., Boruah, R., Maiti, T. K., Deka, R. C., & Karak N. Lycopene coupled ‘trifoliate’
polyaniline nanofibers as multi-functional biomaterial. J. Mat. Chem. 22, 15062--15070, 2012. (IF: 6.626)
5. Konwarh, R., Pramanik, S., Kalita, D., Mahanta, C.L., & Karak, N. Ultrasonication – A complementary ‘green chemistry’ tool to
biocatalysis: A laboratory-scale study of lycopene extraction. Ultrason. Sonochem. 19, 292--299, 2012. (IF: 6.012)
6. Konwarh, R., Gogoi, B., Philip, R., Laskar, M. A., & Karak, N. Biomimetic preparation of polymer- supported free radical scavenging,
cytocompatible and antimicrobial "green" silver nanoparticles using aqueous extract of Citrus sinensis peel. Colloid Surf. B 84, 338-345,

7. Konwarh, R., Karak, N., Sawian, C.E., Baruah, S., & Mandal, M. Effect of sonication and aging on the templating attribute of starch for
“green” silver nanoparticles and their interactions at bio-interface. Carbohyd. Polym. 83, 1245--1252, 2011. (IF: 5.158)
8. Konwarh, R., Saikia, J.P., Karak, N., & Konwar, B K. ‘Poly(ethylene glycol)-magnetic nanoparticles-curcumin’ trio: directed
morphogenesis and synergistic free radical scavenging. Colloid Surf. B 81, 578--586, 2010. (IF: 3.997)
9. Konwarh, R., Kalita, D., Mahanta
C.L., Mandal, M., & Karak, N. Magnetically recyclable, antimicrobial, and catalytically enhanced
polymer-assisted “green” nanosystem-immobilized Aspergillus niger amyloglucosidase.
Appl. Microbiol. Biotechnol. 87, 1983--1992,
2010. (IF: 3.340)

10. Konwarh, R., Karak, N., Rai, S.K., & Mukherjee, A.K. Polymer-assisted iron oxide magnetic nanoparticle immobilized keratinase.
Nanotechnol. 20, 225107, 2009. (IF: 3.404)

Other publications during Ph.D.
1. Pramanik, S., Konwarh, R., Barua N., Buragohain, A.K., & Karak, N. Bio-based hyperbranched poly(ester amide)/MWCNT
nanocomposites: multimodalities at biointerface. Biomater. Sci., 2, 192--202, 2014 (IF: 4.21)
2. Pramanik, S., Konwarh, R., Deka, R.C., Aidew, L., Barua, N., Buragohain, A.K., Mohanta, D., & Karak, N. Microwave-assisted
poly(glycidyl methacrylate)-functionalized multiwall carbon nanotubes with a 'tendrillar' nanofibrous polyaniline wrapping and
their interaction at bio-interface. Carbon 55, 34-43, 2013 (IF: 7.082)
3. Barua, S., Konwarh, R., Bhattacharya, S.S., Das, P., Devi, K.S.P., Maiti, T.K., Mandal, M., & Karak, N. Non-hazardous anticancerous and
antibacterial colloidal 'green' silver nanoparticles. Colloid Surf. B 105, 37--42, 2013 (IF: 3.997)
4. Pramanik, S., Konwarh, R., Sagar, K., Konwar, B.K., & Karak, N. Bio-degradable vegetable oil based hyperbranched poly(ester
amide) as an advanced surface coating material. Prog. Org. Coat. 76, 689--697, 2013 (IF:2.955)
5. Saikia, J.P., Konwarh, R., Konwar, B.K., & Karak, N. Isolation and immobilization of aroid polyphenol on magnetic nanoparticles:
enhancement of potency on surface immobilization. Colloid Surf. B 102, 450--456, 2013. (IF: 3.997)
6. Singh, S.P., Konwarh, R., Konwar, B.K., & Karak, N. Molecular docking studies on analogues of quercetin with D-alanine–D-alanine
ligase of Helicobacter pylori. Med. Chem. Res. 22, 2139--2150, 2013 (IF: 1.607)
7. Barua, S., Konwarh, R., Mandal, M., Gopalakrishnan, R., Kumar, D., & Karak, N. Biomimetically prepared antibacterial, free radical
scavenging poly(ethylene glycol) supported silver nanoparticles as Aedes albopictus larvicidal agent. Adv. Sci. Eng. Med. 5, 201-208,

8. Karak, N., Konwarh, R., & Voit, B. Catalytically active vegetable-oil based thermoplastic hyperbranched polyurethane/silver
nanocomposite. Macromol. Mater. Eng 295, 159--169, 2010. (IF: 2.69)
9. Rai, S.K., Konwarh, R., Mukherjee, A. K. Purification, characterization and biotechnological application of an alkaline β-keratinase
produced by Bacillus subtilis RM-01 in solid-state fermentation using chicken-feather as substrate. Biochem. Eng. J. 45, 218--225,
2009. (IF: 3.226)
Publications pertaining to Research Associate position
1. Baruah, V., Satapathy S.S., Powdel, B. R., Konwarh, R., Buragohain, A.K., & Ray S.K. Comparative analysis of codon usage bias in
crenarchaea and euryarchaea genome reveals differential preference of synonymous codons to encode highly expressed ribosomal
and RNA polymerase proteins. J. Genetics. 95, 1--13, 2016. (IF: 0.672)

Publications pertaining to post-doctoral position
1. Konwarh, R., Gupta P., & Mandal B.B. Silk-microfluidics for advanced biotechnological applications: A progressive review.
Biotechnol. Adv. 34, 845--858, 2016 (IF: 11.452)
2. Konwarh, R., Bhunia B.K., & Mandal B.B. Opportunities and challenges in exploring Indian nonmulberry silk for
biomedical applications. Proc. Indian Natn. Sci. Acad. 83, 85--101, 2017
3. Christakiran, M. J, Reardon, P.J.T., Konwarh, R, Knowles, J.C., & Mandal, B.B. Mimicking hierarchical complexity of the
osteochondral interface using electrospun silk-bioactive glass composites. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 9, 8000--8013,
2017 (IF: 8.097)
4. Kumar, J.V., Konwarh, R., Kumar, M., Gangrade, A., & Mandal, B.B. Potential nanomedicine applications of multifunctional
carbon nanoparticles developed using green technology. ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 6, 1235—1245, 2018 (IF: 6.140)
Researchgroup, Institute, University, School, Company name
Department of Biotechnology, Addis Ababa Science and Technology University
Researchgroup, Institute, Company, University, School webpage
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