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I am...
Chemist, Doctor
My research field or area of interest innanotechnology
Surface modification
membrane reactors
Interest in...
Publication list
1.‎ Ebaid, A.R., Barakat, A.K.and Arafat, A., Thermodynamic and The Effect of ‎Complexing Agent on the Ca(II) and Mg(II) Full ‎Exchange in Zeolite Na-Y.‎, Arab ‎Journal of Nuclear Science and Applications 1990, 32, (2).‎
‎2.‎ Barakat, A.K., Ebaid, A.R., Arafat, A., A. T. Kandil, Maesen, T.L.and van Bekkum, ‎H., Ca(II) Exchange in Zeolite NaY in the Presence of Oxydiacetate and Surfactants.‎, ‎Tenside Surfactants & Detergents 1991, 28, (4).‎
‎3.‎ Barakat, A.K., Arafat, A.and Khalifa, N.A., Thermodynamics of the Ca(II) and ‎Mg(II) Exchange in Zeolite NaA and NaY. The ‎Effect of Complexing Agents.‎, The ‎Transactions of the Egyptian Society of Chemical Engineers 1991, 17, (1).‎
‎4.‎ Jansen, J.C., Arafat, A., Barakat, A.K.and van Bekkum, H., Microwave Techniques ‎in Zeolite Synthesis. In Zeolite Synthesis, Ocelli, M.L.and(Eds), H.E.R., Eds. Van ‎Nostrand Reinhold: New York, 1992; Vol. 1 (Chapter 33), pp 507.‎
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‎8.‎ Kooyman, P.J., Luikx, G.C.A., Arafat, A.and van Bekkum, H., Microwave Heating ‎in the TS-1 Catalyzed Oxyfuctionalisation of n-hexane.‎, Journal of Molecular ‎Catalysis, A: Chemical 1996, 111, 167.‎
‎9.‎ Koegler, J.H., Arafat, A., van Bekkum, H., Jansen, J.C.and In 105, 1997.‎, Synthesis ‎of Films of Oriented Silicalite-1 Crystals Using Microwave Heatings‎. In Progress in ‎Zeolites and Microporous ‎Materials" Studies in Surface Science and Catalysis, V., ‎H. Chon, S.K.I.andUh, Y.S., Eds. 1997.‎
‎10.‎ Arafat, A., A Kinetic Model for Cyclohexane Autoxidation Catalyzed by Cobalt-‎substituted ‎Aluminophosphate Molecular Sieves.‎, Transactions of the Egyptian ‎Society of Chemical Engineers 1998, 24, (2), 52.‎
‎11.‎ ‎Arafat, A., Hamdy, M.S.and Ebaid‎, A.R. In Application of CoAPO-5 in Acid ‎Catalyzed Reactions of Ketoximes.‎, Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium ‎on Heterogeneous Catalysis and Fine ‎Chemicals, HCFC99, Aug 30 – Sept 3, Lyon, ‎France, P. 31.‎, 1999; 1999.‎
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‎13.‎ Mohamed, O.A., Shalapi, M.E.H., Barakat, A.K.E., Arafat, A., El-Hussing, N.A.and ‎Sabet, L.G.M., Acidulation of El-Sebaiya Low Grade Phosphate Ore by Sulphuric ‎Acid to Get a ‎Fertilizer.‎, Mineral Processing 1999, 15, 99.‎
‎14.‎ Barakat, A.K.E., Shalabi, M.E.H., Mohamed, O.A., Arafat, A., El-Hussiny, N.A.and ‎Sabet, L.G.M. In Granulation and Partial Acidulation of Low Grade El-Sebaiya ‎Phosphate Ore Fines ‎by Phosphoric Acid., Proccedings of 1st Conference on New ‎Trends in Chemistry and its Applications, Nov. 27-‎‎29, Beni-Suef, Egypt, 149.‎, 1999; ‎‎1999.‎
‎15.‎ Arafat, A., Beckmann Rearrangement of Cyclohexanone Oxime Catalyzed by Beta-‎Zeolites.‎, Mansoura Science Bulletin 2000, 26, (2), 7.‎
‎16.‎ Shalabi, M.E.H., Mohamed, O.A., El-Hussiny, N.A., Arafat, A., Barakat, A.K.E.and ‎Sabet, L.G.E. In Thermal Phosphate Process for Improving Phosphate Granules for ‎Direct ‎Applications.‎, Proceedings of "The 6th International Conference of Chemical ‎Engineering", Cairo, 24-27 February, 2001; 2001.‎
‎17.‎ Arafat, A., Jansen, J.C., van Bekkum, H.and Maschmeyer, T. In Effect of Aging on ‎the Decomposition of tetra-Alkylammonium Ions as Studied by Microwave ‎Heating, ‎Proceedings of the 13th International Zeolite Conference, July 8-13, Montbelier, ‎France, ‎‎, 2001; 2001.‎
‎18.‎ Arafat, A. In Oxidation of Alcohols Catalyzed by Chromium-Exchanged Zeolite Y, ‎Proceedings of the 13th International Zeolite Conference, July 8-13, Montbelier, ‎France, 2001; 2001.‎
‎19.‎ Arafat, A., Schroën, K., de Smet, L.C.P.M.and Sudhölter, E.J.R., Tailor-made ‎Functionalization of Silicon Nitride Surfaces, Journal of the American ‎Chemical ‎Soceity 2004, 126, (28), 8600.‎
‎20.‎ Zuilhof, J.T., Schroen, C.G.P.H.and Khamis, A.A.M. "Tailor-Made Functionlized ‎Silicon and/or ‎Germanium Surfaces." PCT Int. Appl. WO 123273, (2005).‎, 2005.‎
‎21.‎ Hamdy, M.S., Berg, O., Jansen, J.C., Maschmeyer, T., Arafat, A., Moulijn, J.A.and ‎Mul, G., Chromium-incorporated TUD-1 as a new visible light-sensitive photo-‎catalyst for selective oxidation of propane, Catalysis Today 2006, 117, 337.‎
‎22.‎ Rosso, M., Arafat, A., Schroen, K.and Zuilhof, H. In Covalent Attachment of ‎Organic Monolayers onto Silicon Carbide Surfaces by Heat or Light, The 6th ‎European Conference on Silicon Carbide and ‎Related Materials; ECSCRM 2006; ‎Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, Spet 3-7, 2006; 2006.‎
‎23.‎ Arafat, A.and Alhamed, Y. In Unique catalytic activity of mesoporous catalysts in ‎Friedle-Crafts benzylation of benzene, The 17th annual Saudi Arabia-Japan ‎Symposium "Catalysis in Petroleum ‎Refining & Petrochemicals", Nov. 11-12, ‎Dahran, Saudi Arabia.‎, 2007; 2007.‎
‎24.‎ Arafat, A., Schroën, K., Linford, M., Giesbers, M., Yang, L., Suholter, E., White, ‎R.and Zuilhof, H., Covalent Biofunctionalization of Silicon Nitride Surfaces, ‎Langmuir 2007, 23, (16), 6233.‎
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‎26.‎ Arafat, A., Covalently Bound Organic Monolayers for Biosensor Applications, ‎Journal of Nano and Bio-materials 2008, Accepted for publication.‎
‎27.‎ Arafat, A.and Alhamed, Y., Catalytic activity of mesoporous catalysts in Friedel-‎Crafts ‎benzylation of benzene, Journal of Porous Materials 2008, Accepted for ‎Puplication.‎
‎28.‎ Rosso, M., Arafat, A., Schroen, K., Giesbers, M., Roper, C., Maboudian, R.and ‎Zuilhof, H., Covalent Attachment of Organic Monolayers to Silicon Carbide ‎Surfaces, Langmuir 2008, ‎24, (8), 4007.‎
‎29.‎ Rosso, M., Giesbers, M., Arafat, A., Schroën, K.G.P.H.and Zuilhof, H., Covalently ‎Attached Organic Monolayers on SiC and SixN4 Surfaces: formation using UV light ‎at room temperature, Langmuir 2009, 25, (4), 2172-2180..‎
‎30.‎ Yang, M., Teeuwen, R., Giesbers, M., Arafat, A., Wolf, F.d., van Hest, J.and ‎Zuilhof, H., One-step photochemical attachment of NHS-terminated ‎monolayers onto ‎silicon surfaces and subsequent ‎functionalization ‎, Langmuir 2008, 24, (15), 7931-7938.‎
31. Marcelis, A., Arafat, A., Zuilhof, H., Achten, R., Giesbers, M., Scheres, L., ‎Sudhölter, E.and De Smet, L., Covalent attachment of bent-core mesogens to silicon ‎surfaces, Langmuir 2009, 25, (3), 1529-1533.
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King Abdulaziz University
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