Nanocomposite based slow released formulation of folic acid drug


Authors: Abass M. Bashi, Salih M. Hadawi, Mohammed  Adnan Mezaal

Kerbala University - Faculty of Science, Iraq


Contact: adnan.mohammed93(a)




This study first synthesized and characterized the Ni/Al-layered double hydroxides intercalated with folic acid. The nanohybrid compounds were prepared by the method of ion-exchange, Where, the molar ratio R = 3, were characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectra (FT-IR) and xrd.The release studies show that the release profiles of folic acid from Ni/Al-FA-LDHs nanohybrid into carbonate aqueous media and several aqueous soluton with diferent pH  have been conducted, the release were governed by the pseudo-second order model of kinetics. It can be seen from the poster that the anion guest (folic acid) was not released from the LDHs when the pH was acidic while it is released at alkaline pH. This made folic acid more stable, improve the solubility, limit toxicity. In addition, Controlled release drug delivery systems (CR DDS) offer great advantages over the conventional dosage forms. These include (a) dramatic decrease in dosing frequency and improved patient compliance, (b) minimized in vivo fluctuation of drug concentrations and maintenance of drug concentrations within a desired range, (c) localized drug delivery, and (d) reduced side effects.


POSTER presentation between 29th August and 2nd September 2011


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