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Human enhancement is already on the minds of many. Some athletes fear that those using prosthetics have an unfair advantage. Though this is only indirectly related to nanoscience and its application, I think we need to always keep in mind what is reasonable. I will likely stir up a hornet's nest but in many ways I support human enhancement. Not as much for atheletes but for the disabled, injured and future explorers of the Solar System. There has been some evidence that using a specific fungus that could protect against the harmful effects of space radiation. The rigors and challenges that face the handicapped can be immense. It is our duty as fellow human beings to help them lead normal lives where possible. The main reservation I have about human enhancement is that the very wealthy and the super-soldier may someday be the primary recipients of such technologies. Laws similar to a recent one in motion in the US to prevent discrimination based on a genetic predisposition to diseases are necessary. As nanotechnologists we should to learn to incorporate ethics into our thinking and in conversations among ourselves and the public.
Was trying to find the press release about LifeWave giving away its Power Patchs to the atheletes that were in training for the Olympics. They only had to request them. However that is when I discovered that Life Wave has a Distribution Center.

Newtrend - Office Kft.
Uitz Béla u. 8. 3/11.
Pécs 7632, Hungary

Tel: 36703426420

Pick-up hours:
Monday to Friday: 9am - 5pm, Saturday: 9am - 1pm

The Power Patch is going to be used by many in the Olympics and is truly a unique Nano product. Take a look at the movie about "In The News" where it shows all the atheletes that are endorsing it.
Hi CaptNano a.k.a. Michael McDonald,
First of all I like your nickname "CaptNano". I used to jokingly refer to myself as the "Nanomind". As I look at your post just now it seems to stir memories of something I glanced at some time ago.
This is a little off-topic but I find it interesting that to protect nanotechnologists from negative effects of nanoparticulates our filtration systems, suits and mask will likely employ nanotechnology. What brings this to mind is all the hooplah about the air in the greater Beijing area. Some have speculated that the pollution could bother the athletes and hinder performance. Fact is we breath in forms of natural and man-made nanoparticles every day. Of course one solution to nano-toxicity questions is to both develop materials that exhibit biocompatibility and/or are tightly bound preventing release.
Also the current issue of Science magazine published by the AAAS is largely focused on the Olympics from a scigineer's view.
If the LifeWave patch enhances energy or mental performance I will gladly take twelve dozen. Thank you for this info.
Warm regards,
Hi David,
I have been using several different applications of the patches for a couple of years now and I highly recommend all of their products. My wife gets angry with me when her shipment of the Sleep patch comes late. I invite and encourage you to go and watch the movies about the products and read all about it then you can get your twelve dozen :-) Again here is the place to go. Life Wave Power Patches
Is this power patch safe? Befor some weeks a Hungarian sportman died, and in media was, that he used also some kind of "nano"-patchs...
Absolutely it is safe, it is a Non-Transdermal patch which means nothing enters the body. You really need to understand how this amazing technology works to appreciate all of its applications. Watch the movies and look at the reports at Life Wave


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