We are looking for nanotechnology companies who like to publish nanotechnology products in our nanotechnology database. This is a good advertising opportunity for nanotechnology materials, commercial products, process engineering and services. We like to prepare the largest database in this area. Our service is free. We are in Germany the largest nanotechnology portal with a focus on nanotechnology products.

Interest? Please contact me or register your product description directly on-line.


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thanks for the info
Allow me to introduce you to a Nanotech catalyst that was first created to eliminate the harmful emissions from diesel engines. It was very successful in doing what it was designed for and is helping our environment. One of side effects that was noted was that it also increased the MPG from 15 - 35% plus cleaning the engine from the inside out. This works for any type of vehicle, boat, lawnmower, tractor, aircraft, or any thing using petrochemical fuels. To see some short movies and reports about the product,
please go HERE for EnviroMax Pro Your also encouraged to visit the sister site about the environmental aspects at this address for I Care About It

Here is a new technology using Nanotechnology with Nano Patches. It also has some movies to watch about the products as well as the company. It is called Life Wave

This one has not officially launched yet, but they are announcing the # 3rd Generation Nanotech Fuel. It is called Nanotech Fuel

Hope you find these useful, will have some more later.
Good afternoon. Very interesting. If you wanted, please send me a product description and a few pictures. The description should describe the technology. I will publish your description on our website.
All the information is on the sites that I list above, they also have some short video clips.

We are carbon nanotubes manufacturers. We are the first nanotechnology company of India. We are supplying our nanomaterials worldwide at affordable rates. Our nanomaterials include SWCNT, MWCNT and functionalized nanotubes. For more detailed description, please visit our website: www.nanoshel.com
hi, you have three options to register your nano-products in our database.

1. E-Mail to info(at)nanoproducts.de. Send product information by e-mail

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* pdf documents (specifications, flyer...)
* nanoproducts.de will insert your products

2. Online-tool www.nanoproducts.de. Create an account and use our online-tool

* product description, keywords, ...
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* admin verify data

3. Conveyance of copyright

* send a written confirmation to nanoproducts.de, that we can use the product description and logo from you website



Hello, Good Morning,

We have designed a Pulse Programmable Rectifier, with 10 process that can be stored in the EPROM of the SYSTEM, and it is programmable in terms of voltage, current, time on of voltage and current both positive and negative voltage and current with cv and cc modes. It is a boon for nanoparticle plating techniques. Those researchers looking for nanometer sized grainstructures of deposits would find this very useful.Uploaded datasheet of the rectifier. Further, we have added another feature in the modes, ie., in CV mode, you can also "set" desired current, and cc mode desired voltage, this facilitates flexibility on performance of the deposits the way one would like to have the deposition done. 


If anybody is interested, would be pleased to provide more information and details. 


Prakash Hegde




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