Hello, my name is David Woroner, I am the CEO of Survival Consultants International, LLC. We create life saving products systems and devices to save the lives of those that go in harms way to protect us all.
On "Sensing"
One must keep in mind the wide variety of instruments available to pursue the "initiation or detect an ongoing event" We have "sound, light and electromagnetism.... in the end, its all about wavelengths and how they are employed, and what "device" is in place to do the detection.
Earlier, all there was was ultrasound, then introducing a toxic radioactive dye and finding that via xray, etc..... now we have many other tools at hand, yet some are going about just "curing it"...... Well , thats good, but isnt "detection" the key before treating? Currently our worldwide system of detecting cancer (and heart disease, etc.) is sorely lacking.
I propose first that a "siren be sounded" to differentiate "Sensing" and "Curing"........ The only way around that dilemna is to simply find a gene slicer and replacing "preventitive injection".........which seems to be happening with young women in the US now required to get a "cervical cancer" injection. I admit I do not know much about this, but if it could be added to the arsenal of "injections" we see now...... There are two that show promise (to my knowledge.) One is the Cervical Cancer Injection, the second is the inventor (who lives near me!) injecting carbon nanites (hopefully with medicine "onboard) as what I've posted on this website is exactly that. (Hopefully folks understand that Image......if not, let me know.)

I'll get into the "origin of the universe" next time : ) (But heres a Teaser Image of the beginning of the philosophy.)

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As far as I am concerned, sensing is actually one of the major focus in current study related to cancer. 30 years ago, maybe the whole world was thinking that we could have cured cancer by the end the of the 20th centry, while not so efficient solutions are taken in clinic despite of the booming biomedicine. The key problem is that fundamental researches are not yet able to explain clearly how gene expression variation are leading to tumorigenesis. The so called marker genes found are not showing remarkable impact separately, which greatly blocks the clinical application of gene silencing into cancer treatment. The "sensor of cancer", as I can tell, are drugs or micro-stuffs that can accurately detect the cancer cells. The basis of the sensor would be the ability of identifying the difference between cancer cells and normal cells, which mostly points to the proteins, glycoproteins and lipids on the cell surface or chromosome changes. Hence however we are urged to "sense" or to "cure" the cencer, lots of work still need to be done in how we tell the cancer cells apart. Maybe in the future when we find a substance remarkable enough to identify cancer, we may abondon the complicated gene expression matter!


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