Successful Company must have

  1. Skilled People to obtain a capable workforce

  2. Strong Win-to-Win External business relationships

  3. Sufficient Capital to execute plans.

Ranking Business Attributes

a company is classified by..

  1. Innovativeness

  2. Quality of Management

  3. Long term investment values

  4. Social Responsibility

  5. Employee talent

  6. Quality of products and services (deliverables)

  7. Financial soundness

  8. Use of available resources

  9. Effectiveness in doing business globally

Business Planning

Where You want to Go ?

What you Want to Become ?

  • What Makes a Business work?

  1. Plans :( Setting Goals, Missions, Visions, Objectives, Requirements and Concepts)

  2. Work Organization (Powerful functional structure )

  3. Procedures ( having Efficient/ Effective Business Functions)

  4. Leadership ( Ability of managers to decide, influence, motivate Employees and workers to execute business plans)

  5. Skills : Talented and competent Expertise to leverage the way jobs are done.

  6. Culture : To Harmonize different Beliefs, attitudes, behaviors to avoid conflict of values and lead to success.

  • Planning Essentials

  1. Involve teamwork in setting goals and objectives (Inductive Thinking)

  2. Learn all possible about customers (Find market gaps or needs)

  3. Understand "who are the competitors in such business"

  4. Identify (Strengths , Weaknesses, Opportunities ,Threats ) by running "SWOT" analysis

  5. Determine which capabilities to lack or need to get to succeed

  6. List Value-Added Things to plan to offer to your customers

  7. Do Financial assessment (Profit-Loss, Break-even, Cash-Flow, Budget,..)

  8. Decide for Marketing Plan ( Product, Price, Place, Promotion )

  9. Imagine Different versions of Company's future (Strategic Plans , Reengineering)

Business Plan Major Pieces

  1. Executive summary

  2. Company overview

  3. Business Environment

  4. Company Description

  5. Company Strategy

  6. Financial review

  7. Action Plan

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