As in topic, I recently red about achieving graphene from HOPG(Highly Ordered Pyrolytic Graphite) on mica substrate by exfoliation, but there weren't many details about the process. Did anyone of you tried to do this? I need some details about preparing surface of HOPG before exfoliation and about preparing surface of substrate (mica). I've tried to achieve graphene in this way, but the "layers" which I oserved by AFM were too thick.

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Dear Toja,

You need not to do any kind of special treatment of HOPG surface (as I know). you can just peel it off firs tfew layers to get fresh surface. Then Peel it off using scotch tape. Then before putting it on any substrate, try repeatedly to make it as thin as possible. After that put the tape on the desired substrate and swap on the tape with gentle force and see the magic.

Remeber, its a tedious task (as you need to locate the monolyaer and few layers of graphene) with extraordinary fruits. It will be good if you can do it first on a substrate like SiO2 where you can locate the one with color contrast. And repeat the procedure for mica.

For more discussion, you may join my group in nanopaprika which is dedicated to graphene.

Best of luck

Dr Satender Kataria

Hi all, 

I'm working with graphene and the big problem that I've found it is that nobody tell us exactly how to obteined in a properly way. I've red many papers and my question is how to transfer the graphene of tape to the mica? Because the mica, as we all know, exfoliated easily. So you can not put the scotch tape on the mica because part of it would be sticked to the scotch tap and graphene would locked between scotch and mica!

I'd like to know how can I join your group, Dr. Satender. 
Thanks in advance for your help, 

Best wishes, 

Ana M.


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