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Important Nano-Links from

Cordis EU Nanotechnology

USA National Nanotechnology Initiative

Asia Nano Forum

Portuguese Nanotechnology network

Spanish Nanotechnology network

The Irish Nanotechnology Association

Japanese Nanotechnology Policies

Estonian Nanotechnology Competence Center

Finnish Micro & Nano Technology Network FMNT

Programme Nanosciences et Nanotechnologies (PNANO)

French National network for the study of functional nanomaterials

Nano-map (a graphical tool for the visualization of the regional
distribution of relevant nanotechnology institutions in Germany):

German Nano Initative Action Plan

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in UK

Austrian NANO Initiative

Polish Nanotechnology Strategy (PLANOWANIE STRATEGICZNE)

Italy, Nanotec IT

Nanotechnology and Nanoscience in Netherlands

Australia - National Nanotechnology Strategy

South African Nanotechnology Initiative

Romania, Romnet-Nano

INNI - The Israel National Nanotechnology Initiative


Northern Europe, Nano-Oresund

SNN-Society of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
unam - National Nanotechnology Research Center
Would like to submit the NanoComputer Dream Team to your list We are a International Group who are involved with NanoComputers and furthering the growth of Nanotechnology.

The NCDT is getting prepared to enter Phase 2 which will take the breakthroughs from Lab to Users. More to come on this later.
MESSAGE from Cris Orfescu

I am organizing a NanoArt international festival ( this would be the 2nd edition) in Stuttgart, Germany and I am looking for European sponsors. I would appreciate any idea or help.

Cris Orfescu
POLAND - fundation, portal, network
Dear Jacek!

TINC is open for partnership, contact me on


Dear Collegues I would like to inform you about the N.E.E.D proposal .

Please look at:

where you can find  the preliminary information  for the preparation/submission of a proposal under NMP.2012.1.4-5 Cross-cutting and enabling RDT (*) focused on  supports the development of the necessary multidisciplinary nano- education  and innovation infrastructures enabling  sustainable Knowledge economy development. 
We need to find some very interested and active partners but also  stakeholders and supporters to N.E.E.D  proposal to cover a vaste area in Europa and in other outreach countries to get a strong impact in supporting advanced multidisciplinary Nano-Education for restructuring multidisciplinary training innovation to favour the RDT implementation expecially in relation to  the following fundamental fields related to  FP7-NMP -2012 program : 
1.- Maximising the contribution of  N.E.E.D activity on sustainable knowledge economy development 2.-  Promoting through N.E.E.D activity a deep  change in industrial management and workforce innovation in nano & bio tech. 3. - Supporting  eco-efficient economy through N.E.E.D activity as urgent social challenge for  environment, energy and health 4.- Ensuring the safety of Nanotechnology developing a  N.E.E.D. activity favouring RDT in nano- toxicology  So that please reply to me about your kind suggestions and posible  cooperation to the N.E.E.D proposal . Very Cordially Paolo Manzelli. 27/SEPT/11 -Firenze  
(*) - NMP.2012.1.4-5 Improving education in nanotechnologies to match the skill needs of EU industry and society SSH Relevant Scientific Field: Education, Finance, Gender Sciences, SociologyThe multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral character of nanotechnologies requires developing novel forms of integration in the education systems, in order to prepare flexible and adaptable scientific and engineering pools of talent, while at the same time enhancing the necessary in-depth scientific background. This requires new frameworks of cooperation between schools, universities, research institutes and industry, as well as convergence of educational departments in nanotechnologies, biotechnologies, ICT, cognitive and other sciences, such as physics and chemistry (for example quantum mechanics and physical chemistry are fundamental to nanotechnology). Connection should also be made to social and business sciences. Special attention is required to encourage females to study nanotechnologies.The emphasis should be on graduate and post-graduate university level.

Paolo Manzelli synteses of the Final Speech FIRENZE SEPT/30/11 (1)  

Starting from  the fact that the contemporarily structural crisis accelerates , it becomes necessary to accelerate a simultaneously  the change of strategies of multidisciplinary learning , by means pursuing new models of "open innovation" to improve an optimized repositioning and shift in SME's productivity.  . This' means, above all, to avoid to pursuing traditional models of disciplinary training that now are obsolete and ineffective, this  because they are always assuming at their deep root,  the false idea of an "​​unlimited progress" of the future industrial development.In fact, in the contemporary context of "decline of the traditional system of European industrial development," the old-fashioned strategy of disciplinary model of learning, reveals clearly to be inadequate especially about seeing to the goal  of the  regeneration of the productivity of mature manufacturing industries.  Nowadays it  is extremely necessary to achieve renewed growth-oriented' s learning multidisciplinary-models in favor to grow up  the rate of innovation in industry and society .So that the restoration of the productive territoried in Europe  will go addressed forward  an  high quality of additional  values, to include new criteria for innovation, involving the overcoming of the ecological crisis, the change of energy sources and the conditions for development of the Green-Economy. Therefore the new entrepreneurship and management training-models, will have to be oriented towards a higher use of multidisciplinaty knowledge as become necessary for example in the case of the regeneration of areas of mature' SME's  companies  through the applications of modern science and bio- and nano-technology The challenge  to overcome the obsolete  models of entrepreneurship and management training of  industrial development, will be favoured through a program, initially ideated  by EGOCREANET (2) and co-organized with the NANO-FUTURE platform and other partners, to promote a new approach in trans-disciplinary high technology education,oriented  to highlight the need  to make a decisive move towards more equitable social and economic and susteinable models of European Knowledge Society . -

(1)-http: / / 

(2)-http: / / / archive / LRE / EGOCREANET_COM% 20.pdf

Thanks , I =Ruhel Chisty MRACI CChem A= , Pl I Got Nominate for, Dubai International Award 2004,2005 ,2006 = UN Award = 2004,2005,2006 . , ,
I am Editor in International Journal of Peace and Development Studies=, , I am reviewer in Journal of Law and Conflict Resolution ,ISSN 2006-9804

Hi Mr. Karan,

         Can we have discussion for your proposal?

Dr. Dubey


Hi Mr. Karan,

         Can we have discussion for your proposal?

Dr. Dubey


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