Hi everyone,
Is there anyone wants to talk about "Cancer"? I am really interested at it. It is becoming a serious problem day by day. On the other hand, with the development of technology, we will probably find a treatment. I think it is very soon:)
Anyways waiting for your messages.

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Hi !! do u have any articles Regarding Bone tumors and nanotech !!
hiiii all i am currently doing my msc.biomedical genetics from vit,vellore . i want to do a project on any field in my course in coimbatore human genetics in cancer or neuro or application of my field in nanotech related areas are my interest but not a necessity. can anyone suggest me any institutes or research programs where i can apply to do my final year project.?i am really in need of help from you all friends kindly mail me your suggestions at vin_v4u86@yahoo.co.in i will be always oblidged.
A new society for Nanomedicine has been formed:


The society intends to address cancer therapeutic aspects as well

contact addresses are

Dr. Esther Chang, Acting President, American Society for Nanomedicine;
Professor of Oncology, Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington, D.C.,
USA; Phone: +202 687 8418 esther.chang9@gmail.com

Dr. Raj Bawa, Acting Secretary, American Society for Nanomedicine; President,
Bawa Biotechnology Consulting, 21005 Starflower Way, Ashburn, Virginia, USA;
Phone: +703 582 1745 bawa@bawabiotech.com

This is one of my research interests. Yes I agree that it is serious problem and I would like to work on it too.

I am more inclined towards cancer detection and maybe prediction later.. Sorry I am new to biology/medicine and still leanring about this field.

MIT Profs have made some good progress in chemotherapy. Let me know via email and I will send you the details.

Just curious, can nanorobots be used to detect and also for drug delivery? I think so..

Jitesh Dundas
am very much interested to knw abt cancer, becoz am a microbiologist, now doing Ph.D., related to nanotech.. i like to know whether, cancer can be treated using biosynthesis of nanoparticles or not ?
now only i read ur article , its very intersting.. ru working realted with cancer ah? if yes means, may i knw the tissue culturee technique or cell line technique? or where they give training regarding this
IS there was any nanoparticle or nanorobots are use in treatment on cancer?
If yes then please gives detail information.As per my knowlegde the carbon nanotube,gold nanoparticle is use.
you are right.nowadays nanotechnology is finding a new era for that kind of cancer irradiation.
Nanoparticles like gold, iron oxide and other metal oxides can be utilized.

An interesting webpage about cancer and nanotechnology:

The new photothermal theapy of cancer treatment by gold nanorod is the promising tool to cure the cancer......
Hi friend,

I think Nanotechnology can pave way to cure cancer but eradication might be an greater issue,

As the technology is advancing lots of ill effects ll hit us and the carcinaogenic radiations cant be taken away from our living as it become the important thing in our life..

I have worked in cancer therapy, of sure in next 20 yrs there ll be nice therapy for cancer and affordable too..

If any technical aspects u need to discuss fell free to message!!!
Graphene Oxide can be used as an anti-cancer drug carrier


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